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Social Portal Admin

 Administrative Users

User Management
Kirin Social Portal is a feature packed. As the traffic to your Social Portal grows, you will be required to give specific administrative rights to members of your team, to effectively administer the different features. Use the Administrative Users section of your UI to manage these administrative rights. The User Management page allows you to create new administrative users and control the existing administrative users. Click on the Create link to create new administrative users. You create user names, passwords; give full or partial rights to a new administrative use, or bar any of the administrative users. The page provides you a one-stop interface to view the correct status of each administrative user. Easily edit the existing status of each user as per your requirements.

User Management
Each feature of your website is controlled by a form in the administrative area. The User Access page lets you specify the read, write, and delete rights for each of these forms. Easily allocate specific administrative rights to different administrative users using the User Access page. 

 Member Management

Create Member
The administrative area gives you complete control of your website. While your website users can become members using the front-end, you can easily create new members or edit the existing membership data using the back-end. Use the Create Member page to create or edit membership data. Easily create new usernames, passwords, e-mail addresses, first names, and last names. Assign a country, state, city, postal code, date of birth, and a profile. 

Search Member
Easily search your member database using different search options. Employ search options such as usernames, period when joined, profile types, membership levels, country, and gender to quickly access specific membership data. 

Profile Approval
Get complete control over display of profiles on your website with Profile Approval page. Easily access and edit member profiles, and approve or decline profiles for display. You can choose to let your members automatically display profiles as soon as they are done creating it. Or else you can make it mandatory for each profile to have your approval before it can be displayed on the website. 

Member Statistics
The Member Statistics feature is a vital tool to help you strategize the operations of your website. Quickly search and view membership information for parameters such as gender, age, and profile type. 

 Content Management

Input Management
This Module gives you complete control over the variable content of your web site. Easily customize the interactive variables in components such as forms and drop down lists. You can add a new variable, edit existing variables, create new drop down lists, and add new elements to these lists. The Input Management page lets you edit input values in tables and drop down lists. For example, you can add states drop down lists for countries of your choice in the Create Profile form. 

FAQ Management
This Module makes creating and editing FAQs a breeze. Use the links and forms given on FAQ Management page to create FAQ questions and answers. You can create FAQ topics and group related questions and answers under the topic for display on your web site.

About Us/Contact Us/Privacy Policy/Terms and Conditions Etc. Management
This Module makes creating and editing those above stated pages in a breeze. You can create these contents by FCK editor either by typing or by pasting html codes for display on your web site within a few second.

 Media Management

Photo Approval
This module comes loaded with a comprehensive media functionality that lets you display multiple types of media files on your web site. The Media Management section places detailed controls at your fingertips to let you effectively administer the media functionality. Use the Photo Approval page to approve photographs for display on your web site. Select a file and view its name, size, and date of submission. 

Group Photo Approval
Approve or decline photographs for display on the Groups home page. Scrutinize pending files in the table given on this page to reach upon a decision. Plus, you also get an instant view of file information including name of the file, size, and the date when submitted. 

Video Approval
Approve or decline video files for display on your web site. Easily select a file and view it to get to a decision. You can also view file information such as name of the file, file size, and the date when the file was submitted. 

Search Photos
Quickly search your photographs directory using the Search Photos feature. Zero-in on relevant results by using specific search parameters such as photo title, photo description, or member log in. Search for photographs submitted during a specific time period. Plus, you can search specific photograph categories and combine two or more of the conditions to get relevant results quickly.

Search Videos
Search your videos directory using the Search Photos feature. Use specific search parameters such as photo title, photo description, and member log in. Search for videos submitted during a specific time period. Plus, you can search specific photograph categories and combine two or more of these conditions to quickly get the relevant results. 

 Group Management

Group Settings
With its powerful Group Management functionality, this module takes the concept of web communities a step further. This comprehensive functionality is a direct outcome of customer preferences and requests for specific features. Employ the site administrative area UI to create and modify groups, group settings, and group categories on the fly. The Group Settings page provides a one-stop interface to let you view and modify group settings of your web site. Streamline your group’s page layout design by setting the maximum limit for dimensions of group category images. Easily control display of search results, bulletins and members. You can even make it mandatory for members to seek the administrator's approval for uploading a photograph on the Groups page. 

Create Group
Easily create new groups and set administrative controls for groups on your web site using the Create Group page. Name the group, input group location parameters such as country, city, state, and zip code, and assign a group moderator. You can set the URL of the group, give a brief description for display along with group name, and provide a detailed description for display if a member wants to know more about the group. You can choose not to display the group on your web site and allow members to post adult content. The UI also enables you to set permissions for sending invites to people to join the group and post photos and bulletins.

Group Management
Easily search, view, edit, and delete groups on your web site using the Group Management page. Search groups’ database for group names and group creators. The Group Management table on this page provides you a comprehensive view of your search results. Use the icons given along side each group name or creator to view, edit, or delete a group. 

Group Categories
The Group Categories page lets you organize groups into distinct categories. Easily create and edit categories. This page gives you a snapshot of the entire list of group categories. 

 Messaging Settings

Message Settings
Efficient communication tools lie at the very core of a good social networking software. This Module lets you employ multiple communication modes, each catering to a specific need. Easily configure your e-mail and internal mail settings using the one-stop interface of Message Settings page. Display e-mails in rich text format, send mails as plain text or HTML, and set 'sender' name and the organization name for mails originating from your website. You can even enable your members to track their website mails by notifying them on their private e-mail. 

Instant Messaging Settings
Tightly integrated with the software, the Instant Messenger is a vital component of the this Module’s communication arsenal. Use the Instant Messaging Settings page to customize your IM settings. Set the time period for the system to check for new messages even when you are offline, set time intervals for refreshing your buddy list and deleting a messaging window from memory. If you belong to the majority who often forget to log off, this Module’s IM functionality will automatically do it for you. Simply set the time period for doing so on this page, and bid adieu to all confusions. 

Invite Settings
Our community software makes it extremely easy for you to increase traffic on your website by sending out invites to other people. Conveniently send out these invites from within your member account on the website. Set the limit for e-mail addresses to which you can send an invite at one time, set the maximum number of characters for invites, and the maximum number of e-mail addresses that you can enter in the e-mail field. 

 Event Management

Event Settings
Events are one of the key features of a social networking website. People like to organise, announce, and be a part of various events. Kirin Social Portal
equips you with powerful tools to let you create, manage and control display of events on your website. Use the Event Settings page to view and modify event settings. Allow or bar members from sending e-mails announcing events, set the maximum number of events that can be displayed, and set the maximum dimensions for display of event photographs and event thumbnails. 
Create Event
The Create Event page provides you comprehensive set of tools to let you input information aimed at creating a new event on your website. Select the name of the person posting the event from the list of members, provide detailed event information such as event title, event organizer, type of event, event category, an event brief, and detailed information about the event. Input the address of event venue and information such as country, city, state, and postal code. Of course, you have specific fields for indicating the date and time of the event. 
Event Categories
As your website gains popularity, the number of events posted will increase accordingly. It becomes imperative for you to create event categories to manage the large number of events posted and to help your members easily find the type of events that interest them. For example, a dinner organized to raise funds for a cause could be included in the 'Charity' category. Use Events Categories page to easily create and edit categories. Name a category and upload an image symbolizing the category. Use the Event Categories table to view, edit, delete or rearrange the order of the categories.
Event Images
Easily upload event images using this page. Set and view a default image for an event, view image information, and upload new images. 
Search Events
Quickly search events database using specific pre-defined options. Make your search more specific by using specific text for searching event title, event organizer, description, and event venue. You can search events using specific search text. Search for events organized between a specific time period and apply filters for event categories and event types to further narrow down your search results. 

 Advertisement Management

Upload Images
This module is designed for posting advertisement in different sections of the site.  Admin can upload images here and can set it at the appropriate positions he wants.
Edit/Delete Images
Admin can delete images and can reset it as his needs. He can also set active/inactive advertisements.
True to its emphasis on detail, this module provides admin an exclusive space to configure the main banner displayed on your web site. Admin can easily set the banner template to change the banner design or incorporate an advertisement, and use the Banner page text box to input the text, if any, for display. 

 Help Management
In this section admin can see the Feedback/Suggestion posted by user. As these comments are displayed in site, here he can administer these comments, he can delete inappropriate comments.

 Feedback Management
Admin controls the Feedback comments from users and respond to those comments as required.

 View website statistics
Admin can view website traffic in this module.

 Activity Logs
Admin can view number of Member Signup, Member Visits on time basis.  


 Log in

This section asks the registered user to put in user name and password

Forgot Password

In this section user is provided to re-enter the question  which was entered at the time of creation new email id. And Password is retrieved on the basis of the answer.

Sign Up

This will ONLY be done by invitation from existing users OR Admin.
A code will be provided for the user to enter it upon registration for the invitation to be valid.
Request an Invitation from friends or Admin

If users do not have an invitation code, they can search for friends that are already members of the site to request an invitation, or contact the site Admin to request an invitation.

 Contact Us/Feedback

Normal Contact Us page with feedback option where users can leave a message for Admin.

This is the page where user can see the contact details of the admin/site.Here user is
Provided an opportunity to  give valuable feedback .

 About Us
Here user will find all the information about the site and any information from the admin side with its archive.

This will allow Admin to place ads throughout the site. This allows Admin to place ads dynamically and it is appearing through out the site as u wish

This link will direct user to the terms page of the site.

 Privacy Policy
This link will lead users to the Privacy Policy of the site

 User Communication

Various contact opportunities
Afford your users a lot of way to communicate both actively and inactively.

Events is a great opportunity to inform your users about all the events you consider important on your site. It can be a concert or a birthday party but it will take the attention of your users and they will probably take part in this event. This section is developed to create different kinds of events for social networking site users and encourage user communication before and after the event.

Powerful mailbox will allow your users email other members, get messages, save contacts.

Gift Store
Gift Store lets you organize your own Gift Shop at your Site. Add capabilities of a gift shop to your site and give your users a superior shopping experience with all the features of the big online stores. Profit more: opening Gift Shop in your site is something that a lot of users take advantage of. The basic advantage of opening it is that you will have your own store on the social networking site that outlines all of your products, some services, or even items to help your users keep the spice in relationship, etc.

Tell a friend
You can tell a friend by displaying a form involving your name, email address, friend’s name, friend’s email address, type message


My Groups

Shows Groups Which as been either created by user or joined by user, also containing find option to search from different segments of given groups

Browse Groups

It shows all the groups on the site. It gives user option to View and join the group. user can filter groups by Network, Type and subtype and view it or join it.

View Group

View group option will direct user to next page which contains:- Group info, Contact Info, Photos, Videos, Discussion board , pictures of joined members and WALL which is actually message posting area

Join Group

It opens dialog box asking for confirmation.

Create a New Group Group Info

Form Filling Containing:-                                             
 • Group name
• Network
• Description
• Group type
• Recent news
• Office address
• Website
• Street address
• City
• State (if in US)
• Country
• Options
• Access type
• Publicize
After filling up Create group button takes to next page for uploading pictures


Follows after first Group info page. This option enables user to upload any JPG, GIF or PNG format picture file as a group image. user can either upload any image or skip this part and go to adding members page


This feature enables user to invite from the existing friends as members or invite through mail who are not in list

 My Friends

Friends List
This will show user's friends list with their pics. On right hand side of their photo user will be given Send Message, view Friends and remove friends options.

Send Message

Here user will be able to send message to the selected friend with subject, body and also can share any link if he wants.

View Friends

By clicking on this link, it will show list of friends of the person whose linked you had clicked.

Remove Friends

Here user will be able to delete any of their friends.


This will include all the features of sending and receiving messages.


This will show all the incoming messages from different senders.


This will show list of sent messages.

Here user will be able to send message by giving friend's name or mail-id with subject, message body and links.

Message and Friend Request Settings

When user contact someone through a message, or friend request, site lets that person see part of his profile temporarily, even if his privacy and network settings would usually prevent him or her from seeing his profile. This helps that person identify who the user is before they respond.

 Find Friend

Here user will be able to search friends with giving their college name with batch year and also with personal name.                           
• Find current or past university classmates
user will be able to search for fiends using the name or by College or College Location or Where they are from(country or city).

 Invite Friends

This will make user able to invite friends and provide an invitation code for the invitation to be valid


Browse All Networks
Here user will be able to browse all networks by region, colleges

Regions will be divided by (Countries or Cities/Towns).

Here user will be able to browse networks by schools. User has to do this region wise, where he will be able to get list of schools added in that particular region.

User will be logged out and taken to the site's main page.

This will include all the needed features to create album and share it with others.

My Photos
Here user will be asked to create an album.

Edit Photos
After upload User will be taken to edit album section.
Here user can select any of the photo as an album cover, delete it and add caption for that particular photo.

Add more Photos
Here user can again add 5 photos to the same album.

Edit Album Info
Here user will be able to edit the album information and privacy settings.
Delete Album
Here user will be able asked to confirm the delete of the current album
Share Album with Outsiders
This will enable user to send the photo album to any other person by adding multiple e-mail addresses and with custom message.

View Comments on Photos
This will show comments on the photos made by other people on the site.

 My Profile
This will show all the information added when signing up for the site including screen name, first name, last name contact info etc. user will be able to change this fields.

RSS Profile subscription
Now your users can sign up for their favorite members! Get RSS based updates on all the changes in hot profiles and track the event

Message Board/Wall

User's Personal Information (Name, Address, College, Major in College, Employer, Best Memory)
Photo of user

Edit Profile
This will allow user to change his registration information like name, contact details, password, photos, etc.

Opportunity for a user to delete his/her profile from the site 
Members can delete their profile at any time. The reasons can be multiple, for example they found their love and don't want to be listed there any more. So they can do it themselves at no time.

Images Files Upload system
Images to upload .  Number and size of uploaded files are easily defined by administrator from the admin mode.


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