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PHP Web Application Development Services

Vehement Technologies is a PHP Application Development Services Company specializing in the business of providing services to its clients globally. Vehement technologies expertise in PHP Application Services with reduced costs and improving productivity by bringing the strategic advantage of Software Outsourcing and Offshore Software Development to the clients.

We follow the right strategy to ensure business transformation, lower operational costs and quick time to market ensuring 100% success for our customer's business and in the process ensuring business continuity for us.

Vehement Technologies highly skilled web team professionals with many years of programming experience.

PHP Web Application Development Services is an acronym for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor and is an open source web scripting language. PHP is a widely-used cross-platform general-purpose scripting language that is used for web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP files use the .php extension. PHP is a powerful and flexible tool. We at PHP is mainly focused on server-side scripting, so you can do anything any other CGI program, such as collect form data, generate dynamic page content, or send and receive cookies. PHP can do much more.

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. With PHP you are not limited to output HTML. PHP's abilities include outputting images, PDF files and even Flash movies (using libswf and Ming) generated on the fly. You can also output easily any text, such as XHTML and any other XML file. PHP can auto generate these files, and save them in the file system, instead of printing it out, forming a server-side cache for your dynamic content.

PHP-enabled web pages are treated just like regular HTML pages and you can create and edit them the same way you normally create regular HTML pages.

In this case, you will want to install a web server, such as Apache, and of course PHP. You will most likely want to install a database as well, such as MySQL.

There are three main areas where PHP scripts are used.
Server-side scripting:
Command line scripting:
Writing desktop applications:

PHP can be used on all major operating systems, including Linux, many Unix variants (including HP-UX, Solaris and OpenBSD), Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, RISC OS, and probably others. PHP has also support for most of the web servers today. This includes Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Personal Web Server, Netscape and iPlanet servers, Oreilly Website Pro server, Caudium, Xitami, OmniHTTPd, and many others. For the majority of the servers PHP has a module, for the others supporting the CGI standard, PHP can work as a CGI processor. So with PHP, you have the freedom of choosing an operating system and a web server.

Typical CMS (Content Management System) Features developed:

» Customer Management
» Links Management
» Banner Ad Management
» Product Management
» Category Management
» Newsletter Management
» Job Management
» Feedback Management
» Online Survey Management
» Admin & Sub-Admin Management
» Quiz Management
» Site Usage Tracking Management (For tracking user activities)
» Multilingual Words Management (For multilingual web-sites)

Typical Interaction made at Vehement Technoloies :

Integration of PayPal payment process

Integration of Dmain Name Registration System (provided by OpenSRS)

Integration of phpBB (popular bulletin boar

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