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Microsoft defines .NET as a strategy for connecting information, systems, and devices through Web services. .NET technology is integrated throughout Microsoft products. .NET technologies use Web services to help enhance computing experience with highly integrated communications and information.

Windows Vista and .NET Framework 3.0 present the innovative features for the next generation custom software solutions. Vehement team has successully released a number of .NET 3.0 based projects which are compatible with Office 2007 and Windows Vista. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.

Microsoft .NET is a platform comprising servers, clients, and services. Its toolset consists of Visual Studio .NET, the Tablet PC, and the .NET My Services. Microsoft .NET was designed to meet the customers' needs in building, deploying and operating applications. Microsoft .NET was built for integration through XML Web services using protocols and file formats such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), WSDL (Web Services Description Language), and UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration).

A web service-based IT architecture can be developed and deployed with a set of Microsoft.NET products and tools: servers, web services development tools, applications to use them. .NET technologies are supported throughout the family of Microsoft products, including the Windows Server System, the Windows XP desktop operating system, and the Microsoft Office System.

Though Microsoft has been claiming that .NET is about open and interoperable web services, when in the other opinion Microsoft is already making their web services closed and proprietary.

NET benefits are:
integrated toolset
simpler programming model
language compliance
Provide your project description and learn how to benefit from using .NET from us.
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