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hotel Restaurant Portal

This website holds a single cities restaurant Menus, Photos & Other Information.
The website is very secure, reliable, stable, SEO & SEF, Titles include restaurant name.html, Fast Loading, Clean Code & Design, Resemble current website but a better design/feel like 2.0.
There are following pages (Front Page, Results/Listings Page, and Restaurant Page)…

  • The Front City Page:  ( – Our Current Design)
  • Searches: By Name, Area, Cuisine, Establishment Type, Price Range ($-$$$$) & if there is a Coupon, Hours Open (What’s Open Now),  Features Offered.
  • Middle: Have a Flash Map that connects to Areas of that City
  • Featured Listing Spot: A restaurant that stands out on the front page (Visit Current Site) –

The front page resembles the current website design (Simple & Easy) but also includes the entire complex search named above. 

  • Results Listing Page:

This is the page that has listings of all restaurants in the search

  • Listings:  Displays all restaurants in that search & details about restaurant
  • Name, Cuisine, Establishment Type, Location, Days/Hours Open (If they are open now), Services offered, Price Range, If they have a Coupon, User Review Star Rating,
  • If they have a Critic Review & Star Rating, If they have Online Ordering or Table Reservations (connected to external links, But for search purposes we would like users to know what is available). 
  • Display & Narrow Searches:  Shows Search that is used & allow to Narrow Searches.
  • Narrow by all available searches & Services Offered (not on front page)
  • Shows all searches used after Narrowing & Allow users to deselect (x) a search.
  • Featured Listings: Each search may have (2 Featured Listings & Multiple Enhanced Listings)
  • Area-10309 will have different sponsors then Area-10310, Same with Cuisines or any other search we chose to offer Sponsored listings.  A search may or may not have sponsors
  • 2 Main Sponsors: First restaurants seen in that certain search
  • Multiple Enhanced Listings : At the top of the list of restaurant in that search.
  • Buttons:  Missing Menu Button: Allows users to select if they notice that that search is missing a restaurant
  • Restaurant Page:
  • Display all Restaurant Information: (Cuisine, Services Offered, Establishment Type, Price Range, Hours, If they are open now, Address (Get Address/Google) Website…)
  • Photos: Most restaurants have photos (displays nice with Thumbnails and possibly Ajax popup to enlarge)
  • Menus: Menus are in the format  MenuScans.jpg and displays as similar to the current website (Since menus are of different widths , they flow in center)
  • Coupon: If a restaurant has a coupon, there is an image stating “Click to View Coupons” (This stands out greatly) and is  linked to an attached Coupon.jpg, Should allow them to print
  • User Reviews: View Reviews & Submit Reviews (Please see the way this is currently working on the link above in the Right top box)
  • Links to: Some restaurants have the following and will show
  • Critic Reviews:  Show star(Other Image) rating and link to review –
  • Online Ordering: External link to online ordering page
  • Table Reservations: External link to Reserve table page
  • We also allows users to search for if they have this service from Front & Results page
  • Buttons: Allow users to select if they feel the information is wrong
  • Outdated Menu, Wrong Information, and Bookmark Menu
  • Admin Panel: Please keep in mind that there is over 7000 menus in a City
  • This is very simple to use: Easy to add/Edit/delete Restaurant Menus, Photos & All information
  • Easy to Feature & Enhance restaurants listings under different searches & Front page
  • Adding Restaurants: Easily select area(s), Cuisine(s), Services they offer, Establishment Type, Hours they are open, if they have a website, Price Range, easy ability to add multiple MenuScans.Jpg & Photos.jpg, Easily attach Coupons.Jpg, Ability to edit orders of Photos & menus, Easy ability to add if they have Links to Online Ordering, Links to Website, Links Table Reservations, Allow to Select if Critic Reviewed (Rating & Link to Blog)
  • View Forms filled out by Users: Outdated Menu, Missing Menu
  • View latest added Reviews, View reviews for each restaurant
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