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The process of shaping and refining an idea for a new product into a complete description. New concept development includes developing and qualifying ideas for new products and services, new strategic areas for business consideration, and new positioning for advertising and marketing program development. In concept development we use a number of structured techniques which we call.

Concept development begins when a Vehement Technologies Pvt. Ltd. customer specifies or confirms the need for a new software

system or for modifications to an existing software product. To prepare for assembling a Software Contract Package and writing a Statement of Work, Vehement Technologies Pvt. Ltd. project managers meet with funders to discuss their software requirements. Then the software end users within the funding organization are identified.


Vehement Technologies Pvt. Ltd. project managers meet with both funders and end users, such as a User's Group to discuss the software requirements and what commercial software products, if any, are available to address these needs. Qualified contractors are interviewed to discuss their qualifications and capabilities to perform the work. Alternatively, an RFP (Request for Proposal) is prepared to solicit contractor proposals.

We collaborate with you to generate high-impact concepts for a new advertising approach, brand position, pricing strategy, or product design strategy. Concept development is a blend of creative and analytical. We believe that for a communication concept to be credible, it must be closely connected with the company concept. This leaves a smaller creative area to play in and no room for inspired loose ideas that do not pull the company in the desired direction. But it does not exclude great creative solutions.
We also act as a sparring partner for our customers in the development of completely new brand and product concepts. Whether this work begins from scratch or the company wants to utilize its brand to launch new products that will strengthen the market position.

New Product Development Process Overview

Product Planning and the Fuzzy Front End

Requirements Definition and the Concept Development Process


Defining the Customer and the Market - How Broad or Narrow?
Methods for Capturing the Voice of the Customer
Planning Data Gathering and Methods
5 Steps for Effective Customer Interviews
5 Steps for Effective Focus Groups
Gemba - Observing the Use of the Product in Its Environment
Getting to the Root Need - Asking Why
Methods for Determining Customer Priorities: Analytical Hierarchy Process and Conjoint Analysis
Gathering and Synthesizing Customer Needs and Requirements
Organizing Requirements - the Affinity Diagram


Finalizing a List of Critical Customer Needs or Requirements
Performing Competitive Analysis
Developing the Product Strategy
Exercise 1: Organizing Customer Requirements, Evaluating the Competition and Developing a Product Strategy (Team Development of a New Pocket Calculator Product) Determining Measurable Technical Characteristics and Metrics for Satisfying Customer Needs.

Exercise 2: Developing Technical Characteristics for the New Product Establishing Initial Target Values and Benchmarking the Product.

Exercise 3: Performing a Technical Evaluation (Product Benchmarking with Competitive Calculators) Analyzing Specification Trade-offs and Setting Specification Values

Exercise 4: Considering Trade-Offs and Establishing Specification Values. Finalizing and Reviewing the Product Specification.


The Concept Development Process
Developing Concept Alternatives
Methods for Enhancing Creativity and Innovation
Product Benchmarking and Obtaining and External Perspective
develop the marketing and engineering details
who is the target market
what benefits will the product provide
how will consumers react to the product
how will the product be produced
what will it cost to produce it


Determining Criteria for Screening and Evaluating Concept Alternatives
The Concept Selection Matrix
Building Upon and Refining the Concept
Exercise 6: Develop & Select a Product Concept - Concept Selection Matrix
Next Steps - Transitioning to Design


  • Managing the Concept Development Process and Avoiding Common Pitfalls.
  • Planning and Organizing a Project.
  • Team Membership and Operation.
  • Other Related Methods and Techniques.
  • Management Support, Training and Preparation.
  • Bridging the Workshop Back to Workplace.

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Logo Designing
Search Engine Optimization
Link Building
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