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Internet-based entertainment and media is arguably the richest and most represented business domain in the modern web space. Vehement keeps up with the times and offers custom digital media and entertainment software based on latest Internet technologies. Our knowledge of technology helps us offer you the optimal platform for your media and entertainment solution. In this case entertainment software production is a symbiosis of our technology skill and your business vision.


We have created complex entertainment online systems that represent revolutionary approach to certain areas of online entertainment, such as Fantasy Sports project, for example. The solutions we provided range from home entertainment platforms to online entertainment portals, auctions and sites. In development, we aim, first, at making the new digital entertainment solution very easy to use, and, second, at making it scalable and flexible enough to allow many people to operate it simultaneously.
Our graphic designers and flash animators use latest graphic suits and flash technology to enrich and animate the appearance of the applications we develop. Therefore, the powerful functionality that lies beneath is presented through a user-friendly and appealing interface.

Vehement also has experience in designing and implementing entertainment multimedia solutions for use in embedded systems. Expert knowledge of cross-platform multimedia framework, API and sound subsystems allowed us to design a fully functional media center based on "barebone" minicomputer.

You can familiarize yourselves with the case studies of the projects that we have completed in this industry domain. We can analyze your high level business requirements and offer a solution that would be both cost-efficient and technologically advanced upon your request.


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