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SMS Application Service Provider
VTPL deliver your content single or bulk SMS from text to binary and WAP to OTA, long messages, smart messages, and other content to mobile phones in over 500 GSM, CDMA, TDMA, WLL, PCS, and paging networks around the world. We provide several interfaces listed below for our users to connect to us allowing them to send and receive. We provide Webmasters and Corporate IT managers and system integrators tools to rapidly deploy SMS services from simple Web SMS with Corporate and Public website logos and branding to SMS sent from scripts like ASP and PHP to complex high end database driven 2 way SMS and SMS on demand services using SMPP and custom database driven application.

Best Web Panel
The VTPL.Com web panel can be considered the best in its class, accessible from any internet browser it is innovative, leading edge, fully functional, and user friendly yet powerful with extended address book, features include single or group SMS, Bulk SMS, Email to SMS alerts, 2 way SMS, auto response to incoming SMS, forms to send SMS in virtually any format Free SMS, Gratis SMS, Funny SMS, SMS Jokes, Arabic SMS, Hindi SMS, Japanese SMS, Chinese SMS, Multilingual SMS, Short Text Messages, Long text messages, Short Unicode messages, Long Unicode Messages (EMS) and a lot more. Get notified when you receive an email or put a SMS contact form link on your web pages or email tag lines with the web2u service. Instructions for SMPP access and HTTP access for application developers along with free tools is included in the web panel with each account should it be required, add it all up and you have a truly value added Web SMS service.

Easiest of the protocols
Using a simple HTTP POST/GET Request you can send a SMS message to our SMSC for onward delivery to the mobile device.

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Reliable Peer to Peer Connectivity

VTPL.Com provides you reliable Peer to Peer connectivity to over 500+ networks powered on a Carrier Grade Virtual MDEXSMS Gateway connected directly into multiple global mobile operators SS7 backbone. We provide users with industry standard access protocols such as SMPP, Users can connect from their SMPP 3.4 compliant application and can send and receive bulk and streaming SMS. SMS can be sent in different formats like text, Unicode, Long SMS, VCards, VCalendar, WAP Push, Ring tones as single or Group messages. Short code and Virtual Text number messages can be received from mobiles and delivery reports for messages sent can be received into a application or gateway using SMPP.


SMS Messenger





Developers ToolKit

Balance Query

Email2 SMS

Virtual number interface

Long Text message

Hosted SMS Gateway

Affiliate Program

Get Email or Email Alerts

Mobile Email

SMS on your web

SMPP protocol


Short Text message

Unicode message



W.A.P Push

RTTTL Ring tone

Bulk SMS

Free Desktop Client Virtual Text Messenger (VTM) provides a free desktop client Virtual Text Messenger (VTM) the powerful desktop SMPP SMS client that sends and receives from your task bar. Similar to the functionality of a instant messenger client VTM connects automatically when the users computer goes online and contains a integrated phonebook along with groups, canned messages for instant recall, auto response for messages received, merge feature to merge the address book name with outgoing message/s and many other features. VTM is available in the Tools and Clients section in the Web Panel simply login and download it. enter your username and password and enjoy our world class SMS service.
Largest SMS Application Service Provider
We are the largest SMS Application Service Provider (SMSASP) to webmasters wanting to put a free Branded Hosted SMS interface on their websites and provide SMS services to website visitors or company employees. Webmasters of Public or Corporate websites can have a fully functional Branded Web SMS complete with HTTP, SMPP and tools and clients for integrated on their website in minutes. Configuration is form based in 9 simple steps. So for the webmasters among our users having all the services on your public or company website is as easy as counting from one to nine. Login and visit the VAS section in the web panel and begin your configuration. Its easy and its free!!

SMS can be sent in different formats like Text, Unicode, Long SMS, VCards, VCalendar, WAP Push, Ring tones as single or Group messages. We also provide protocol converters that can convert the HTTP protocol used by few SMS sites into the HTTP protocol we use, making migrating from another network effortless and in most cases with minimum change, Our HTTP interface has polling features that allow you to post a query for account balance and inbox records

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