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Vehement develops software for all aspects of enterprise management. Alongside CRM,document management systems and corporate web site solutions, we offer developmentof comprehensive solutions forprocurement management.Our company has experience in designing and implementing solutions that allow our customers to manage and coordinate the work of a diverse and complicated network of suppliers, distributors and production facilities.
It makes sense to invest in elaborate procurement systems. It allows automating many processes involved in production and distribution, including stock and supply management, tracking changes in the distributing network, monitoring supply and production needs and facilitating prompt unified communication with all the parties involved.

Our solutions for this segment of e business are based on the following principles:

Stability: We understand the crucial importance of an uninterrupted chain of supply, and guarantee stability of our applications

Scalability: Our applications are designed to fit the growing business needs. At the architecture stage we take into account all the possible implications of a growing business, and make our software easy to upgrade and enhance with new features. Our applications are based on latest and most demanded software technologies.

Business targeting:
Our solutions are custom design software that is created and adjusted to all the specific business needs of our clients. We make technology work for business, not make business adjust to technological possibilities of the present day.

We have developed complex procurement and supply chain management applications both as part of larger Enterprise Management Systems and as separate applications designed to address the specific supply management needs of specific enterprises. You can read the case studies of select projects here. If you need a supply chain management application developed for you, please contact us with your business ideas and we will implement them into custom software using our profound technological expertise.

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