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As a Payment Service Provider (PSP) Vehement offers various 'all-in-one' online payment solutions. This means that after applying with Vehement, it takes care of interacting with the right bank, setting up the payment options and the technical setup of your website.

Credit cards are still the most accepted form of payments on the Internet. More than 72% of all online transactions are completed with a VISA, MasterCard and JCB branded card.



Vehement has solutions tailored to your specific needs: 
· Free box office for your online subscriptions
· Credit card and alternative billing options
· Integrated Fraud-Screening tools
· 24/7 suppor
t· FREE Subscription Management
· FREE Advertising / Affiliate Program
· Vehement will handle all customer billing inquiries
· Accept VISA, Mastercard and JCB
· Accept all other alternative billing/payment method
· Recurring Billing
· Real-time online transaction monitoring & statistics
· Real-time chargeback monitoring tools

Vehement incorporates real-time anti-fraud mechanisms to minimize the risk of chargebacks. Not only is chargeback prevention a priority to minimize merchant losses, but high chargeback ratios can also trigger penalities for the merchant.

Vehement carefully monitors every merchant to ensure full compliance with VISA and MasterCard chargeback regulations.

Vehement  offers credit card processing to websites selling content and products. Content websites normally use a 'members' area; a directory on your website that is password protected. Access to the members' area is with a usercode (username) and a passcode (password). A small script on your webserver lets Vehement add, modify and delete usernames and passwords to this members' area.  With the Vehement  Remote User Manager, Vehement will assign your client a usercode and passcode and add, modify or delete these codes in your local user database in real-time! The Vehement  Remote User Manager is part of the Subscription Management tools, which are included with your Vehement account.


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