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Payroll Management Software empowers you to :

Payroll Management Software gives you the power to:

  • Manage Employee Information Efficiently.
  • Define the emoluments, deductions, leave, tax etc.
  • Create his own Salary Structure and formulae .
  • Generate Pay-Slip at the convenience of a mouse click.
  • Generate and Manage the Payroll Processes according to the Salary Structure assigned to the employee.
  • Generate all the Reports related to Branch, Department, employee, attendance/leave, payroll, Bonus etc.
  • Manage your own Security
Module Details 
Here are the Module Details of Payroll Management Software:

Application Setup Module 
The "Application Module" of Payroll Management Software of Seasia Consulting helps you to customize the software as per the requirements of the organization. In this module, the user inputs the company details, the Fiscal year of the organization, the currency and other details.
Master Setup Module 
Using this Module the user can set up any number of Branches, create any number and type of departments within a branch. The Payroll software starts off from formation of an Institute and the branch offices. Then it inputs the Employee related information as in which group Institute/department he is recruited.
Employee Profile Module 
At the time of employment an employee profile is generated in which all relevant data regarding the employee is captured. At this time the user is given the option to either enter the details of remuneration and deductions manually or through a group/grade/scale system.  The software permits the user to dynamically generate grades/scales for paying the employees.  Similarly the user can generate separate grades/scales of deductions. 
The most time consuming task of entering the pay details of an employee is thus reduced to the touch of a button.

gathered information of the employee and allow the user to make changes in the allowances and deductions (already assigned to the employee) for that particular month as per the requirements. After this the Gross Salary is calculated automatically for that month.
The 12th month pay slip serves as the yearly statement of accounts and can be used as a certificate of income for the Income Tax purposes.
Pay-Slip Generation 
The monthly Pay-slips are divided into two parts; the emoluments and deductions for the current month and the same for the year to date. In this module of the Payroll software, we use the above
Loan Application Module 
When the employee applies for a particular loan, those details are entered in the "Loan Application form" where it automatically calculates the MONTHLY INSTALLMENT on the basis of the loan amount, interest rate, and the Loan period.
The Payroll Software can generate different reports as per the user requirements. The three groups that cover these reports are Employee Reports, Pay related Reports, General Reports.


Integration with other Softwares by Vehement Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
This is how School Administration Software integrates:

The Payroll Management Software may be seamlessly integrated with other software's to automate and computerize all aspects of the functioning of a company, hospital, school, college or an institute.
"Payroll Wizard" is a Payroll Management Software that can be integrated with

  • School Administration Software
  • Institute Administration Software
  • Hospital Administration Software

You may install one or all the modules simultaneously; and they will be integrated as one application. You need to enter data only once.


Vehement Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has developed a reputation from professionals in government and private industry as being the leader. Major corporations have come to us to help them with their payroll software solutions to products they are developing Application Software.
The .Net Technology
The Payroll Management System is developed using .net framework. 
The framework that provides: 

  • Platform Independent Development.
  • Application also compatible for PDAs, Cell Phones etc.
  • Web-based Applicability.
  • The Technology Of Future, Not going to be obsolete for next few decades.

The application is dynamic the user can add and alter the allowance, deductions, pay slabs etc. There is no need of the software to be updated by the software architects as the clients requirement changes.
Internal tax tables are maintained and updated throughout the year to ensure accurate payroll processing.
Automates payroll for ANY business. Program default information minimizes user input requirements.
Each payroll run may have unique deductions and benefit frequencies, giving users flexibility in changing the deduction and benefits that apply based on the specific payroll run.


The system ensures that once an Employee profile has been created, it cannot be deleted, as it becomes a financial entity. To optimize the database, however, an entity may be archived and made inactive.

The application is extremely user friendly.

A person with average intelligence can master the entire functionality within ten days without technical training, all by himself.

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