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Sr. No. Module Sub-Module Description Requirement fulfilled
1. Customer Management Master Details Maintains details of customers, including contact details, history of purchase and service, personal details for marketing etc. Add customer related information (name, adderss, phone number etc)
2. Relationship Management Greetings / Offers to customers through automated e-mails, automated SMSes, or mailers on occasions / festivals / birthdays / anniversaries or on-demand.  
3. Product Management Item Management Maintains details of Saleable goods as well as spares & consumables  
4.   Billing Bill Generation and printing Print invoice/bills
5. Sales Management Reports   Reports on sales based on model number of item, price range of item etc
6. Maintenance/AMC Management   Determine is product is under warranty; if product is under warranty, populate warranty details from database
7. Purchase Management Master Details Maintains details of all vendors and what can be purchased from them, including financials, contact details, past experience, terms of business etc.  
8. Vendor Selection Maintains history of past purchases, and helps select the best vendor for a particular purchase if not, the applicaiton lists the suppliers from whom the manager has ordered spares before and the rates.
9. Purchase Orders Generate purchase orders Shop manager orders for spares. And updates ETA for job completion in system and marks the job as "inform customer of delay"
10. Financial Management Cash Flow Mgmt Maintain details of sales/purchases Give monthly/weekly/on-demand accounting reports (on income/outgo etc)
11.   Sales Inventory Maintains stock of Saleable goods and updates to stock

Maintain inventory of items for sales which get updated when sales are made.

12. Spares Inventory Maintains stock of spares and updates on usage

Maintain spares inventory; Shop manager uses the application to find if the psare is available in his other branches; On arrival of spares, All jobs waiting for that particlar spares get their status changed to "spares available, waiting for service personell".

13. Purchase Indents Indents can be raised to internally communicate the requirement for more stock of Saleable goods/Spares/Consumables if spares are not available, the person updates the status to "spares needed".
14. Inward Challans

Generate inwards challans for any product taken for service, and generate inward challan receipt to be given to the customer, which will be required for delivery after service. Also generate inwards for spares arriving, and updates stock.

Admit product for servicing; After spares arrive, the manager updates his spares inventory.

15. Delivery Challans Generate delivery challan when the customer picks up the serviced product, and generate the bill.

Customer picks up the phone and the srevice request is closed; The application should be able to generate and print a bill depending on the warranty/labor cost, spares etc at time of delivery of service item.

ervice Management


Job wise resource allocation and optimisation

Assign employees to work on service requests; Assign to service personnel; Customer representative calls up customer to inform him that the item is serviced and can be picked up…

17. Job Card Management Work in progress tracking and status updation; Can also send automated updates to the customers through SMS.

Service personnel "starts working on job" -- time is logged; Service personnel finishes job and updates system with spares consumed; Shop manager orders for spares. And updates ETA for job completion in system and marks the job as "inform customer of delay"; Customer representative menwhile sees that there is a "date/time" change in completing the job and informs the customer and updates status to "informed customer".

18. Service Inquiry

Enables employees to update the customer about exact status of his product service completion on telephonic inquiry by customer, including searching capability on customer name, model no., date of inward, inward no. etc.

19. New - Ability to use the application to enter/track following details for a service request

1. Preliminary INSPECTION
3. Revised estimate with reason for revised estimate
4. ADMISSION with customer particulars, product particulars, fault particulars, accessories particulars, risk particulars, estimate + tax particulars, expected delivery date and time etc.
5. Acknowledgement for admission with expected date and time of delivery and indicate risk factors to customer  - printout
6. admission document: admitted by: repaied by: DELIVERED by:
7. Return to customer if Not accepted but still recorded in our system
8. determine warranty/ non-warranty product
9. check place of purchase
10. warranty particulars if under warranty (gurantee card details)
12. Store details of accessories left while leaving for service
13. Store details of accssories handed over while leaving for service
14. Transfer to Other units for service – determine service provider details
15. reschedule a service to different engineer/different location
16. Documentation for Transferring – including multiple COMPLAINTS with equipments with documentation
17. Spares Indent
18. spares stock
19. generate indent to purchase
20. Issue to Service department
21. Update service completion
22. bill from third party service center
23. billing
24. customer handover with date, time, delivered to, serviced by engineers (list) 1,2,3,4
24. customer handover with date, time, delivered to, serviced by engineers (list) 1,2,3,4

Some of these are already captured as part of other requirements, but listing them here so that none of them are missed.
20.   Model this workflow in the system (1) Please use paint program to open this  
21.   Model this workflow in the system (2) Please use paint program to open this  
22.   Service Fulfillment  

Employees should be able to update the service record with details of spares consumed

23. Manpower Management Master Details Maintain details of all employees and their basic details

In addition to cited requirements

24. Performance Management Maintain details of all employees' capabilities and experience In addition to cited requirements
25. Work Allocation Maintains history of past work allocated and done, enabling appropriate work allocation Find out service personell most suited for this job by using his "availability/workload" and by using the history of past jobs where he has handled this particular model of the product etc.
26. Company Management  

Manage details of multiple companies/organisations

In addition to cited requirements

27. User Management

Master Details

Maintains details of all users of the system, passwords etc.

In addition to cited requirements

28. Access Control

Maintains details of each users' access rights for ever module/data

In addition to cited requirements



Common requirements










• Generate basic reports (defined below).
• For each basic report, the user should be able to "filter" the report based on a set of fields/constraints.
• User should be able to "save" his queries for later use.
• Each report can be used to create branch wise report or an overall organization report also.
• For each report below, there will be a set of fields that have to be shown. For example, when listing number of products repaired it should also list the job sheet numbers, the CSR, shop manager, branch and service engineer name along with "cost/bill amount"
• Create reports/search/queries etc  against particular branch or across all branches.

Report  1 : Products under repair
List details of product under repair.
"filter" criteria/fields include --> location (branch name), brand, model number, warranty status, current job status , no of days since admit, awaiting spares, awaiting for revised estimate for approval, service engineer not allotted or unavailable, pending for other reasons, based on job sheet number, customer name and contact number,  no of days taken for resolution, no of days waiting for spare etc.

Report 2: Repair Status report
Total number of products admitted for repair
No of products repaired/delivered successfully (based on date range, employee, product brand/model etc) ;
No of products returned without repair.
No of products waiting for customer pickup (repaired and not repaired)
No of products work-in-progress
No of products awaiting spares
No of jobs tat were escalated at some point.

Report 3 : Economics  Report:
Total Revenue out of sales/service
What is the potential revenue of service jobs that are in progress (based on estimate entered during product admit)
Average revenue per product, per service engineer, per branch, between date range etc.
Value of spares consumed
Value of man hours spent. (revenue divided by time spent by service engineer in minutes).
Man hours lost (product not serviced/billed, but effort spent)

Report 4 : Employee Performance Report:
No of Customer Service Representative with highest product admits for repair
Based on value/revenue out of those admits
Based on brand/model of products  admitted
Etc, etc...

Some of these are already captured as part of other requirements, but listing them here so that none of them are missed.




Some of these are already captured as part of other requirements, but listing them here so that none of them are missed.

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